VONSELMA EDUCATION is an independent institution that operates in the field of Political Consulting – nationally and internationally – and offers, together with the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM), the Master’s degree of reference in Spain in the field of Political Marketing, Governance and Strategic Communication. The fact that VONSELMA is an operating company in the professional sector in which the students intend to join, together with the prestige of institutions such as the Catholic University of Murcia (UCAM), ends up generating a guarantee of professional success for our graduates.

The Master in Political Marketing, Governance and Strategic Communication was born with the aim of training future social communicators, political leaders, analysts and political strategists. To achieve this, we have a method of teaching itself, which has as a reference the singularity of the student. This allows us to customize training to their particular interests and concerns, favoring self-discovery and orienting training to the practical application of theoretical contents in a dynamic and easy to internalize.

Discover the history of Marcos

“Hi, my name is Marcos and I’m 25 years old. When I finished studying my career began a stage of uncertainty regarding my future. I understand that you could be going through this same situation. In the beginning, there were so many options and possible academic fields that I could choose as to the choice of Master that was really overwhelmed and undecided. My mother told me to choose a Master that would really insert me into the world of work, or as she says: “have a way out.” On the other hand, my friends advised me to continue studying what I was really passionate about: Political Communication and Electoral Marketing. Meeting the aspirations of my family and friends was a very difficult task, but I have to tell you that I finally succeeded.”

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